All intentional journey’s start with an idea. The great thing about intentional adventures is that they create purpose. Adding the power of purpose to our life can create amazing results. To make the Protingent experience both rewarding and successful we need purpose!

What is purpose? The formal definition is “the reason for which something is done or created, or for which something exists.” Of course, purpose is closely tied to motivation. I would say the most engaging purpose is one that is created by all employees, versus something dictated by the President, or management. This is because something that comes from your own experiences and desire for happiness is always more empowering and fulfilling than something that comes from outside ourselves. In addition, a shared purpose that strengthens our bonds holds greater potential and creates more happiness than a purpose held by a single individual.

In our daily interactions with coworkers, we should explore our shared purpose and the path required to get there and stay there. At Protingent, this has revolved around a strong and positive culture, with a focus on exceptional customer service. Since we are in the technical staffing industry we engage with clients, candidates, and each other. As we engage with one another and our candidates/clients lets ensure that a positive environment is always being cultivated and that we challenge ourselves to be creative in ways that generate the best experiences possible.

Bringing our own style and creativity to our daily routine will give us the freedom to determine how we shape our day. Plus, if the day is a catalyst for learning and growing personally and professionally then the journey becomes worthwhile.  None of this is possible unless we get outside of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves. What a great opportunity we have before us.

May our shared Protingent journey be empowering and create happiness!

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