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    Dear Protingent,

    Today will be my last workday with Protingent as my current contract term will be ending on March 12th.

    Just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your support, this has been my first experience working as a contractor so I have nothing to compare it with, but your organization has been exceptionally professional, straightforward, helpful, and supportive throughout my relatively short term with you.

    You have set the bar very high for your competition going forward (in my opinion, you have no competition).

    Please feel free to consider me as a positive reference for you in the future, and who knows, in this wacky world of aerospace testing we may again cross paths sometime in the future.

    With sincere appreciation,


    Thank you for all your support

    I had a fantastic experience with Kelly from start to finish. She contacted me the day I submitted a resume and cover letter for one of Protingent’s clients and was very friendly, excited, and thorough. The process to get an interview took a little bit of time (through no fault of her own), but she kept me informed and aware of the situation with the client. She provided me useful information, tools and tips throughout the process that allowed me to put my best foot forward for the interview. She made every effort to communicate with the client about updates regarding my prospects and offers from other companies, so that we could speed up the process. This was critical in me being able to accept the offer from your client. She was genuinely excited for me throughout the whole process, even when I was getting offers from other companies, and not once did she make me feel like I was just a commission check for her; she wanted good things for me even if it meant less compensation for her. Even if I hadn’t got the job, she would have ranked at the very top of my list for recruiters I’ve worked with. She is an asset to Protingent and I had a great experience with her as my recruiter.

    Laboratory Technician Contractor

    The staff at Protingent are very nice, good, fair and honest. I love them.

    Systems Engineering Contractor

    The recruiter I have worked with was extremely friendly, efficient and helpful. I’d love to work with him in the future if I ever needed a contract job again, or refer friends.

    Software Engineering Contractor

    Because of Protingent, I was able to secure employment and become a valuable member of my company’s staff.

    Quality Engineering Contractor

    Very responsive and helpful people. Easy to work with and for.

    Mechanical Engineering Contractor

    Protingent worked extremely hard to find me a position that so far appears to be a very good match for my skill set.

    Test Engineering Contractor

    Protingent was quick to find multiple job positions that applied to my skill set. I have not had a bad experience with them.

    Design Verification Engineering Contractor

    Very effective on target positions.

    Wireless Engineering Contractor

    I appreciate your prompt responses to my questions. Working as a consultant with Protingent was a great experience. In the future, I hope we might have another opportunity to work together.

    Networking Solutions Contractor

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