The Eastside “Hot 100” Program Accelerates Local Businesses

Businesses face a lot of challenges on the path to fame and fortune, but becoming a high-performance business is a process, not luck. To help local businesses accelerate the high performance
process, a group of local organizations are launching the Eastside “Hot 100,” program, which consists of a half-day workshop titled; How to Build a Hot 100 Business, at Bellevue Community College, and at least one year of follow-up assistance.

The goal is to help 100 local business owners and managers accelerate the development of their businesses, and increase total revenues of the group by $100 million or more within several years. Experience indicates the process will also increase local jobs and tax revenues.

Donn Harvey, CEO of Protingent Staffing, (formerly Techlink NW) is an example of what an Eastside “Hot 100” business can become. Quitting his corporate job and starting out of his home office in 2002, Harvey has grown to a 70 person business with reported revenues of $8.6 million in 2005.

Harvey provides engineers for hardware and software product development. Revenue growth for 2006 is expected to be 50% or more.
“High-performance business practices helped
us build a foundation to support our rapid
– Donn Harvey, CEO Protingent Staffing

The success of Harvey’s company has earned it listings on the Inc. Magazine “Inc 500,” fastest growing private businesses, the Entrepreneur Magazine HOT 100 fastest growing new businesses, and the Puget Sound Business Journal Hot 100 fastest growing private-owned businesses in Washington.


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