Tim Bruce, President

The term “Boutique Staffing” is used in the staffing industry but most clients and candidates have little understanding of what the term means. There may actually be disagreement among staffing firms as to the definition.

Typically, the term Boutique Staffing refers to a small staffing firm that exhibits a high-level of customer service and is specialized. Just as in the retail industry, you generally wouldn’t refer to a large store that sold a wide array of goods as a Boutique Store. In addition, the term Boutique tends to refer to a place where the customer service (personal attention) experience is going to be of a higher quality than at a large store.

I believe being a Boutique Staffing firm has more to do with the specialization and culture of the organization than the size of the company. A staffing firm with strategies and processes that emphasize attention to detail and quality customer service will create an experience that imparts to candidates and customers that they matter.

Being a Boutique Staffing firm is about striving to make every daily action and activity focused on developing and strengthening relationships with clients and candidates, while cultivating a strong and positive company culture.

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