The staff at Protingent are very nice, good, fair and honest. I love them.

Systems Engineering Contractor

The recruiter I have worked with was extremely friendly, efficient and helpful. I’d love to work with him in the future if I ever needed a contract job again, or refer friends.

Software Engineering Contractor

Because of Protingent, I was able to secure employment and become a valuable member of my company’s staff.

Quality Engineering Contractor

Very responsive and helpful people. Easy to work with and for.

Mechanical Engineering Contractor

Protingent worked extremely hard to find me a position that so far appears to be a very good match for my skill set.

Test Engineering Contractor

Protingent was quick to find multiple job positions that applied to my skill set. I have not had a bad experience with them.

Design Verification Engineering Contractor

Very effective on target positions.

Wireless Engineering Contractor

I appreciate your prompt responses to my questions. Working as a consultant with Protingent was a great experience. In the future, I hope we might have another opportunity to work together.

Networking Solutions Contractor

The people at Protingent are very kind and helpful. The clients of this company are good and high quality. This is a good place to find contract jobs.

Anonymous Contractor

Yesterday was my orientation day. Without your wonderful help, I wouldn’t have gotten the job. I really appreciate your help and support. Thanks very much!

Telecommunications Contractor