Our client needed a former contractor to come back and fix an urgent problem and could not afford more than 10 hours of work but the contractor estimated 40 hours of work. We found a new contractor to get a 2nd estimate for our client. The new contractor was a very nice guy and said he remembered us because he had seen the Protingent Man comic around. I said, “Well, here is your chance to be a hero like Protingent Man”!

After he finished the job he wrote me this:

Protingent Man leaves the site of the customer, hearing the cheerful and thankful words “You have made a lot of people in the office very happy!” He removes his cape and helmet in the restroom, returning home in the guise of a normal human being, a smile on his lips: Yes! Another satisfied customer! But somehow he can’t help thinking, This task was far too easy for Protingent Man!! Once home, he relaxes on the sofa, His smart phone soon sliding through his fingers as he falls into a deep slumber. A short time later, he breaks into a cold sweat and can be heard to murmur in a voice that sounds strangely like a tortured Captain Kirk, his head twisting violently with each strained word: “Must.. Encounter… Advanced.. Algorithms….” He awakes hours later, completes his on-boarding forms and logs time, rested and relaxed, the dream forgotten”.

I was impressed, he took a mere 3 hours (including documentation) to fix their problem. Saving the client 37 hours in billing and $$$$!

Thank you, Protingent Man who ever you are!

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