James Sturgeon, Account Manager

After 15 years in the staffing industry this question has come up throughout the years.  Companies have ramped up their internal human resources department along with recruiting to try to do searches for technical talent on their own.  This is done based on the premise that it will save both time and money.  I see the opposite happening.   A niche Engineering Staffing firm like Protingent has an exponential amount of Engineering candidates because of the multiple searches done daily and the multiple Clients that we service.  Not only do we build relationships with candidates, we build pipelines of candidates so that when a Client has a hiring need we can act quickly with quality talent.  This actually saves our Clients both time and money.

In exploring saving money further, it is crucial that Companies do save money because there is a limited amount of capital to make a successful product.  The Companies that are utilizing staffing agencies versus doing searches on their own do save money.  They do that by not ramping up an internal team and paying full-time salaries along with full-time benefits.  They also receive candidates they would not have access to due to the networks and pipelines that agencies have.  In this market 70% of our roles are filled by candidates from our network of Engineers.  Most of the time Clients will utilize one or maybe two search tools versus what agencies have access to and utilize on a daily basis.  Using a staffing agency creates a win-win situation so that Companies can focus on making their product successful.


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